Windows 7 will not install

windows 7 will not install but vista runs fine. brand new asus m4a88t-m with amd phenom II x2 550 3.1 ghz black edition am3 cpu only 1 stick of ram in right now. My old vista computer quit so just for giggles I used that hard drive in this computer and it runs just fine I try and install windows 7 on the new hard drive and get blue screen 0x0000005c or wimfsf.sys vista is 32bit 7 is 64 bit
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  1. Hi

    can u tell me your procedure on the install from the disc insert?
  2. I place the windows dvd into the optical drive restart the computer boot from dvd windows installs some files then it goes to the screen starting windows and it goes to bsd I never get past that point.
  3. You need 2GB of RAM for 64 bit win 7
  4. after install I can add more ram then? I guess I need to go into town and find 2gb of ram all of mine are 4gb.
  5. 2gb min. You can use more.
  6. Just a thought, but did you verify that your optical drive is working? Presumably you could do this while your Vista HD is installed.

    Along the same lines, did you verify that the Windows disk is OK? Admittedly, that's a little trickier to do.

    You might keep these in mind if additional memory - which you should have in any case - doesn't solve the problem.
  7. Agreed. Adding a stick of ram isn't going to magically make the blue screen go away. Its not like win7 is seeing only X amount of ram and saying "nope, I'm not installing today". See if any of this helps.
  8. Quote:
    Its not like win7 is seeing only X amount of ram and saying "nope, I'm not installing today".

    Actually, that's exactly what happens.
  9. Sorry, but I could not find support for your statements in the link you provided.

    Yes, 2GB is a requirement. No, it doesn't say it will blue screen crash instead of telling you its stopping due to lack of memory. Doesn't sound like MS to me.

    Anyhow, we'll find out when the OP installs the additional memory, which he "needs" anyway.
  10. I have one 4gb stick of ram in the computer right now. I know the optical drive is working I installed drivers from the mother board on the vista hard drive. How do you test the windows disc? Should I install more than the 4 gigs of ram I currently have installed?
  11. Thank you for clarifying. Upgrade installation or Custom?
  12. I can't get that far. I will do a custom install on the new 1tb hard drive I have but I only get to where windows is going to start to ask for information. Just get the windows is installing information then goes to start up and i get bsd. I have tried all 3 sticks of ram to see but all same error and tested memory was fine. this mother board has a led light that will also stay on if ram is bad and it turns off. I am by no means a guru but have put a couple computers together and os installed just fine. I really don't get it. I want 64 bit so I can have a good amount of ram as my wife does a lot of photo editing etc.
  13. Do you have any other disk drives installed? If so, would you try again after disconnecting the sata cables from any HD except the new target HD.
  14. I did that to start new mb new hd and optical drive one 4gb stick of ram nothing else on the mb and same issue. I even tried a different power supply all the the same issue stop code 0x00000050 or 0x0000007e will also get winfsf.sys.
  15. Update your mobo BIOS
  16. updated bios to newest one on the asus website. I was told it's a hardware error but to me doesn't make sense if I am using the computer with vista but 7 will not work. I don't have any hardware but what is require to run the computer.
  17. Could be a bad disc. Download an ISO and reburn the install DVD.
  18. I have a suggestion, that may have already been made because I did not look at the comments above. Try changing the IDE setting from ACHI to native if that is an option, it could be the driver that W7 is using to load windows may not be compatible. I have been there before. The second option is to find the sata/raid driver on the ASUS sight put it on a flash drive and try loading your own in the setup screen where you select drives. Third, if all these fail test the ram and the ram settings. Good Luck.
  19. Do u have a 20GB partition, as it is needed for x64?

    Win7 should be installed on the fist partition, as it likes to be first in the boot order.

    Are u installing on to fresh formatted partition? -min 20GB

    - go into BIOS and enable AHCI settings before install as suggested

    Can u run
  20. I have a 1tb hard drive no partitions as it's new never had an os installed. I tried ahci still same issue.
  21. Is the new HD the only HD in the computer or is the vista drive still hooked up? If it is disconnect it. Are you using a Microsoft supplied cd to install from? You called it a Windows dvd. Did you download the OS? It sounds like a faulty install disc. If you made the disc yourself, try a fresh download and burn a new disk.
  22. Quote:
    See if any of this helps.

  23. I think it is a memory problem. Win 7 is particularly unforgiving if it is not 100 percent happy with the timings and brand of memory depending on the Board it is installed on.

    An example is a Toshiba Laptop I own. I expanded the RAM from 2 to 4 GB using the Brand of Memory the Laptop was already running. The Laptop would BSOD on boot up. Changed both the Dimms to another Brand completely and no drama ever since. For some reason RAM that Win 7 does not like will function on Vista and XP. It sometimes takes a bit of trial and error to get the best RAM for the job. Try switching to another Brand. Perhaps different timings are also required.
  24. I purchased the windows disc brand new I have 2 hd in the computer one with vista and the one with nothing on it. it will not even load 7 on the vista hd with the new hd unhooked. I have tried 2 different brands of ram. I should of just kept the old computer I guess it ran but was slow for picture editing etc.
  25. Pls unhook the vista drive and try to install on the new drive only.
  26. Dogsnake said:
    Pls unhook the vista drive and try to install on the new drive only.

    I tried that first. I have tried all 3 sticks of ram in all 4 slots.
  27. My vote is for a bad installation disk. Try cleaning the DVD. You may need to get a replacement or if you can borrow one and use you key.
  28. From a different thread I was in. Perhaps the drive has got corrupted. Try using a different harddrive, or "zero fill" the one your using.
  29. I tried windows xp vista and 7 on 2 different hard drives tested memory 4 different times. so trying a new motherboard.
  30. new motherboard same issue. I can't seem to figure out what hardware is causing the issue as I am only running onboard items
  31. Ok here is a thread that talks of a very similar issue. One member puts the suggestion that the CPU may be faulty when it comes to 64 bit applications but will run ok for 32 bit. Turns out that was the problem. You may well have a faulty CPU. Its rare but it happens.
  32. It will not even install xp and it's 32 bit
  33. You said that you had run a HDD with Vista 32 and it worked fine in your original post. That aside the CPU will have to ruled out seeing as you have changed motherboard and OS's. That only really leaves two suspects. The PSU could be the issue but the problem seems a little consistent. That moves the CPU to number one suspect.
  34. I have even changed psu's too. so now I should see about getting an exchange for the cpu? is there a way to test it? right now I am running the computer with vista but it will not load an operating system even on this hard drive.
  35. You will have to RMA it. If there is a PC shop near you they could test it out for you.
  36. i took it to geek squad after trying all above mentioned things the only thing they could come up with was motherboard but the new one does the identical thing. They said they tested the cpu, ram, hd etc. I have run the hd in a diff computer it works. I actually loaded windows 7 on it and it also installed fine. So I guess I should call and get an rma for the cpu? Or is it worth it to call microsoft and pay $59 for tech support?
  37. Memory or bad media
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