AMD Turion X2 RM-75 dropping fps randomly, why?

This is the problem: I play Need for speed: Most wanted. Runs nicely at 40+ fps, but randomly drops at <10 fps. I already downloaded Dual-Core Optimizer. This happens only with games, not for example Acer Arcade. Anyone know anymore about this?
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  1. Sounds like possible over heating and downclocking to reduce temps. I've never had a laptop that was worth anything for playing games on due to heat issues.
  2. +1 loneninja

    Re-install windows.
    Use SpeedFan to monitor temptures. Dont go above 80C!
    Scan for viruses and Malware:
    Update Drivers
    All those will help!
  3. sounds like background programs getting in the way - mind you its a friggin laptop...
  4. Well... actually there isnt much bg processes, and the temperature stays around 60C. Now when I changed my virus software, the lags have been more rarely than before.
  5. The answer was Audiodg.exe. I disabled all audio enchanchements (not sure about spelling) and removed Acer eAudio from the bootup program list. Now it works fine, thanks for replies.
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