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I connected a Transcend 1TB dynamic storage with almost the entire capacity loaded with data to my laptop, but the DiskMgmt is showing this volume as Invalid (and as a Dynamic Drive). On right click I am only getting the "Convert to Basic" option, which will I understand wipe all the data out, and am not getting even the "Change Drive Letter" option. Naturally, the drive is not showing up in Win Explorer mode either.

Is there any way I can see this drive and the data it holds?

I should say that the friend who gave this to me said that he had tested this on more than 1 m/c and it was being recognized. He also said that if it was showing up as a "Foreign Drive" and not an "Invalid" one, the export option could have worked.

Thanks, in advance...

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  1. Hello, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    There can be several reasons why you may get a "dynamic disk" Invalid message regarding a removable HDD.

    Is this a dynamic disk or is it a basic disk that is being reported as Invalid? Might connect it back on your friends computer to see if the data can be seen.
    Dynamic disks can be set up on Windows Enterprise, Professional or Ultimate versions and can be read from these versions of the OS, but not on "home' versions, like Win-XP home or Win-7 home premium. They are not engineered to read dynamic disks. If your laptop is running Win-7 home premium for example, it can not read the disk, even though it may we functioning normally.

    Another possiblity is a corrupted partition table from a virus, so make sure your laptop is malware free.

    Here is a link to the Aomei Dynamic Disk Converter program, which can convert a disk from dynamic to basic without losing data. Can't do that with the MS software. There is a download trial version, and a Prof Edition for $29.99.


    The safest way to manipulate a disk full of important data, is to clone it bit by bit to another HDD with any of the cloning apps available, and then convert that HDD. That way if something goes amis, you still have the original data untouched and safe.
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