Temps on 960t in AMD Overdrive accurate?

I have my Phenom II overclocked to 4 Ghz with the voltage set to 1.378v. I am using a Coolermaster 212 plus with in an Antec Illusion for cooling AMD overdrive and core temp are both reading the temperature for all cores at about 24 degrees celsius. Speedfan says the CPU temperature is 42 degrees which seems closer to what it should be. Which of these if any is accurate?

P.S. What is the safe range for the vcore on a 960t?
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  1. they both are BUT, the temp in AOD is an "external" temp, meaning not in the core and the one your seeing in speedfan is an "internal" temp which is inside one of the cores

    ..err and try to stay below 60C
  2. So you're saying I should keep the internal temp below 60c?
  3. since the external temp is whats being read in AOD i think thats the temp there talking about, but on that note try to keep the internal below 70
  4. the max safe temp for that cpu is 63* but i dont think everything is right. there should be no way that your cpu is that cool with that high an overclock.
  5. Is there any way I can check to see if those are accurate? I've tried core temp, true temp, speed fan and overdrive. Everything read the same temp except for Speedfan.
  6. hardware monitor
  7. Aida 64
  8. what motherboard do you have?
  9. Asrock 970 Extreme3
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