Cooler blocking RAM slots?

I'm planning on buy soon. But I'm really afraid that its going to be so big its going to cover up or block my memory slots of my motherboard, I'm using this motherboard at the moment.

You guys think that cooler will block the slots?
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  1. Oh and also if it is a problem could I just move my memory to the other 2 slots?
  2. Hmmm, does look a little close. Those coolers are usually quite good in terms of size though. Which way around are you mounting it?

    Your motherboard will only take certain amounts of ram in particular slots, soI doubt you could change the slots you memory are mounted in.

    Have you done some measurements? Do you have big heatsinks comming off the top of your ram?
  3. Mount it parallel to your RAM and you shouldn't have a problem, I've seen bigger, but because they're on heatpipes and the heatsink is designed a certain way, they can go over the top of the ram, but don't block the slot itself. If you're really worried, look on google for a picture of that fan on a motherboard, that's how I do most of my planning.
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