Need help! after O/C PC starts stops and restarts ok.

Hi all, I have a question concerning my recent Overclocking experience and would be extremely grateful if anybody could help me.

My PC Specs are as follows: Intel Q660 C.P.U, 4 GB XMS2 DDR 2 800 Ram, 1000W P.S.U, Asus P5Q Pro Mobo, 500GB HDD, 3870 x2, Artic Cooling, 2 x side mounted fans, 1 frontal fan and one rear extractor fan.

I recently used the A.I Tweaker in the Bios of my Mobo to mildly clock the C.P.U to 2.7. I locked the Vcore at 1.25, set the Ram Voltage to 1.9V, set the C.P.U F.S.B at 300, with the multiplier set at 9, I tweaked the Ram to a frequency of 601MHZ. I left the Ram timings alone as I have no experience in that particular field. Some settings on the Bios have been left on Auto and the P.C.I Frequency has been left at 100.

The P.C runs absolutely fine when its on, with no discernible performance hiccups or any other problems. The only thing that concerns me is whenever I turn the P.C on, it starts up with the fans noticeably coming on, only for it to turn off for a split second and then restart. After restarting it continues with no other problems.

What do you think could be causing this to happen? Is it something to worry about? And is there anything I could do to counter the issue?

Sorry if my knowledge isn't the best as I am fairly newish to Over clocking. Any help would be deeply appreciated!
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  1. Your RAM "frequency" - is that based on what the BIOS is telling you or what CPU-Z is telling you?

    If the BIOS, you are OK. If CPU-Z, you are actually running the RAM at DDR2-1200 speed.

    The "start, off, then restart" means that the computer is not happy with the BIOS settings. It tries to boot, finds something that it doesn't like about the BIOS settings, automatically shuts down, then restarts with a set of bootable settings.

    It won't hurt anything, but it is a sign that you have something wrong.

    A G0 Q6600 will generally run at 3.0 GHz with little or no voltage increase.

    Go to factory defaults. Set the RAM to 2.2 volts. Set the CPU core voltage to the VID. Then set the RAM clock (BIOS) to 533 MHz (2 X the FSB). Then boot and make sure your system is stable.

    I am unfamilar with the Asus BIOS so I cannot tell you exactly how to do this.

    Then go into the BIOS and set the FSB freq to 333 MHz and the CPU core voltage .05 volts above the VID. Save and reboot. You should be running at 3.0 GHz. You can do this with the stock cooler.

    Any higher and you will need better cooling. Any Q6600 will run at 3.33 GHz (367 MHz X 9), RAM clock at 733 MHz with decent cooling.

    Keep the CPU core voltage under 1.50 volts and the load temps under 70 C.

    Don't bother trying to overclock the RAM. The minimal increase in stability is not worth the loss of stability
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