New gaming rig, 1000 pound budget. Would love a review on my choices

Ive decided its high time to upgrade my pc. Sick and tired of having to lower the settings on games that at this point arent even that new. So i want a proper gaming computer.


BUDGET RANGE: about a thousand pounds($1588, but im guessing hardware costs more in britian so it'll probably be the equivalnet of a $1K budget in the US) going a little higher isnt too bad if it'll mean getting more.


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, OS, case and PSU

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Ive only ever used, but, and ive heard of. if you know of another good site feel free to mention them


PARTS PREFERENCES: whatever is best

OVERCLOCKING: I would like to have either crossfire if im using a radeon or SLI if i go for an nvidia. both si nice, but i only need one. overclocking isnt planned

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1200, 24inch

My thoughts at the moment hover around the radeon 5850. seems to be the best gfx card within my price range(5870 and gtx295 just dont seem to justify their massively higher price) but i have to admit ive not given much thought to having 2 lower end gfx cards instead. - 212

Memory im thinking 4gig ddr3 would suit my needs. - 70

Mobo and CPU where the toughest choice. I went with an i5 750. The i7s seemed to expensive, and i thought the money would be better placed on a gfx card. With the mobo i just chose the nicest 1156 slot i could find. dont want to be cheap on it. - 150 - 196

monitor im going for a samsung 24 inch. not sure what specs a good screen should have so i went with a samsung, since they're fairly well known. - 211

For a PSU i went for 650W, which is what i got suggested by a friend. Corsairs had thebest reviews. - 72

DVD drive and HDD im probably buying off a friend who wont be needing them. 500gb, both are samsungs, will set me back 50.

Speakers arent that important so i got the cheapest 5.1 set. - 50

Adds up to a decent enough setup, for 1011. Now upgrading to an i7 860 would cost me an extra 67 pounds, costing me 1078. Now i would be willing to pay that bit extra if i would really be getting that much more from the system, but like i said before, might be best off investing in a decent gfx setup.

Ofc, there is always the option of going AMD. A Phenom II 965BE x4 would cost me 160, only 10 more than the i5.
Combined with an asus 790FX for 136

Id be saving 50 pounds overall(leaving me with 961) since the AMD Mobos seem to be alot cheaper. How does the phenom compare to the i5 for gaming PCs? Would the extra cost of an i5 mean ill have alot more gaming time before i need to upgrade rig again? Since i am spending alot of money on this i do want it to be a long term investment(hence the crossfire requirement, so i can switch to 2 gfx at a later date). Would AMD provide a better platform for that? Or should i go the whole hog and get an i7. Suggestions on choice of parts, choice of shop or any suggestions at all are very welcome :D
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  1. you could save some and get this board which also pretty good this is much better ram for only £3 more
  2. I would go with the mobo obsidian suggested, the one you picked is too expensive.

    If you plan too add another GPU in the future, you shoud consider getting a 750W PSU such as this

    The monitor is a bit expensive too. Check out this Acer 24" with 2ms response time for almost £60 less

    What case and OS do you have?
  3. Well if you guys think the cheaper mobo will do that would definetly ease my budget a little. If i take those changes on board the cost goes down to about 900, leaving me a bit more if i wanted to spend that.

    Recon i should invest the extra money and go for a i7 860, or maybe go i7 920 and switch to a 1366 socket, x58 chipset mobo?
    What do you guys think of the phenom II combo for a gaming rig?
    Or maybe use the money on a 5870 instead of a 5850?
  4. Just stick with the I5, spend the money on something else i.e. the 5870 if you want it
  5. I doubt ill be Overclocking it so 50+ quid on a cpu cooler seems a bit ott. Will the stock fan on the heatsink not be able to manage it?
  6. the stock will be fine, just a suggestion,btw what case have you got? maybe add a fan or 2
  7. maybe a fan upgrade, so you got space for 2 120mm fans and an 80mm fan
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