asrock X58 deluxe3 mobo

hi ive scoured toms and various other sites for some reviews on this board. I'm very curious seeing how

well the asrock deluxe was rated so well here. if anyone has a link to a review would be appreciated. <hopefully that link works

i'll be upgrading all hardware around may or june time to get a jump on it now.

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  1. :bounce: that is a nice thread thanks...unfortunately it does not have this board:

    note the deluxe 3 part...its Asrocks newest X58 mobo

    i've searched and searched and could not find a review or even a earlier preview of this board

    before it came out :o

    its going for $229 @ newegg now and seeing the reviews of the Asrock Deluxe i'm dying to see

    some benchies
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