Trying to make external USB drive decision

I'm thinking of getting a ! to 2 Terabyte external USB drive for storage and back ups. My PC is pretty fast and has lots of RAM, etc. The only problem is that when I bought the internal D drive, I never thought I would fill the 275 GB with data. So I want to move non-essential data to the external. The only thing I'm not clear on is whether to go with USB 2 or USB 3. I understand I can utilize either with and add-in card. Given my usage plans, will USB 3 have any significant advantages over USB 2? Enough to justify the extra cost? Any drawbacks?
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  1. USB3 for external hdd's is roughly ~2-3x quicker for file transfers

    if you dont mind waiting or run backups overnight stick with USB2 (aka dont bother) otherwise spend the $$$ on the quicker USB3 setup
  2. Everyone I've asked recommends USB 3. Now I just need to figure out the differences among the available add-in cards!
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