Windows XP repair without CD drive

Hi everyone,

So my girlfriend's computer has an issue where one of the registry/boot files are damaged and from the searching i did the way to fix it was to put in the WinXP install/repair CD and let it go to work. The only issue is her computer doesn't have a CD drive! I figure that the best way to go about doing this without installing a CD drive is to somehow find the install file and put it on a
USB drive and then go into the bios and have the computer boot off of the USB drive.

Two issues with that. First, I can't seem to find the installation/repair file to put on the usb drive. The other issue is im not sure if i need some sort of software to "mount" the repair cd to the USB drive (maybe alcohol 120%?) so it reads it like a cd instead of just seeing it as just another file.

Thanks for you help!
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  1. I use an external USB DVD drive for these situations.

    Otherwise, there are many articles that show to create a bootable flash drive with the XP install files, such as this one:
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