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So, I'm currently running 2x GTS 250's and upgrading to 2x GTX 285's I have 2 pc's and want to be able to use both 250's without 1 setting around. So was thinking of 2x GTX 285's in SLI and 1 of the 250's in a 3rd slot to run PhysX.

So my question is if I do this, will it allow my cards that are configured in SLI to remain at 16x speed or slow it down to 8x because there are now 3 cards.

My motherboard is the Foxconn Destroyer. Supports 3-way SLI technology w/ 4-way graphics option.
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  1. You should be able to run the first 2 cards at full x16, but won't be able to do so with the 3rd card installed... The max you can get would be x16 x8 x8... And that's exactly what your motherboard says... Dont know the bus limitation on your chipset, but for some reason i believe your board cannot make you wish come true... Sorry
  2. Well, since it's a 780a chipset looks like it can run four slots each at 8x. You could go 3-way SLI on that board and have the 4th slot for PhysX :D. Anyway, with three cards it should run in 16x/8x/8x, well depending on where you put them anyway. Consult your motherboard manual for details.
  3. i wish ihad the money for this awsom stuff
    so for your question go for 3-way SLI and Run the 3 card in 16X/8X/8X and the 4rd card will be working for best physX
  4. i recomend having asus maximus 3 extreme for best gaming expiriance (5 pci express 2.0 X16 Slots) you can do 4 geforce 8400 or 9500 (budget) and you can take some geforce 8400 for the last slot (5) and your pc will be the best always remember it has alot to do with budget
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