Antec tpq 850w & sapphire radeon 4850x2

Hello i have an antec tpq 850w and a sapphire radeon 4850x2 my question is that the psu have 2 6+2 pin pcie connector and 2 modular 6 pin connectors, how do i connect the card do i use both 6+2 pin ? or one 6+2 and one modular 6 pin?
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  1. I would probably use 1 6+2 pin and one 6 pin connector. Not sure there is really a "right" answer to that though- it would probably work just fine with whatever configuration you want to use.
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    You've got a single card and 2 hardwired pcie power connectors, no need to use the modular cable's.
  3. ^5 +1 what Delluser1 said.

    No point in using a modular cable because the power supply already has two hardwired power cables. The modular power cable would just add to the cable clutter inside the case.
  4. I was worry about the amps the card could be using since each of the 4 12v rails have 18 amps, i was kinda thinking on how to connect them in a safe way, atm i have video card connected in the main rail coming from the psu (2 6+2pin pcie), without using the extra two, the number 3 (6pin pcie) and 4 (6pin pcie) 12v rails that the psu has, the rail number 2 is used for the case fan hard drives and dvd burner, anyway i guess how i have it connected works so i guess i will continue using it that way, thanks for the reply
  5. That should be fine. I would imagine that the 2 different 6+2 connectors would be on 2 different rails, so no point in changing to anything else.
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