Suggest AM3 Phenom or Athlon CPU for gaming

Please suggest socket AM3 Phenom or Athlon CPU for gaming and planned to buy 785G mobo.Also what is best 785G or 790GX???
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  1. I use asrock or msi boards. And frys combo specials; got a 435 tri core for $70 before rebate with gigabyte board the other day, but returned it. Decided not to use it. Check the anandtech "for sale" forum or your local craigslist for deals on regor cpus. The dual cores are plenty fast.
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    If your planning on gaming then I would NOT use a board with integrated graphics. Yes the HD4200 that is in the 785G is directx 10.1, but your still limiting yourself. Get a single or dual PCI-e board and a good video card - 4850 or above for ATI - not sure on Nvidia.
    I have used both MSI and Gigabyte boards so far with no problems.
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