Strange flickering Screen resolution issue

I have a hyundai w240d HD TFT, nvidia gforce 8800gt, recently i cannot get the resolution above 1024-800 if i do the screen flickers horizontally badly (only slightly on desktop), the problem becomes ten times worse when i view certain websites but not all or run some applications again not all, there are some white specs on the screen sometimes, which usually would indicate a graphics card problem, how ever the card has been tested on another system and is in full working order, i have changed the memory so no problem there either, i have formatted the drive reinstalled the operating system and change the cables from HD to TFT, i can watch video with no issues what so ever even when any web page is flickering behind the video I'm watching, when i rotate the screen view to vertical the problem remains horizontal.

Anny ideas welcome
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  1. checked the drivers?
    make sure the refresh rate in set the the correct Hz that the monitor supports
  2. No covered that
  3. check if you could see an 'Ultra White' or 'Super White' setting and try to adjust that...
    flicker can also be a sign of a failing PSU...
    its hard to tell, because all the hardware is tied together
  4. Do you have another monitor you could try hooking up to your system?
  5. Also try a different/different type cable.
  6. 1 - No i don't have another hd screen to try it on which is a shame.
    2 - Have already changed the cable no issue there.

    I thaought mabe pcu or motherboard but every thing even the very latest games and programs run at full spec in low res without any glitches, but anything above 1024-768 and then the problem accurs.
  7. well,
    as you increase specs.
    you increase the load on all your components. So it could work to a limit, then fail as you pass it
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