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why my internet speed very slow compare to my friend. i surf at open wifi. my friend speed about 150+ kbps compare to mine just only 5-10 kbps.i used acer pentium processor su4100 and my friend used hp compaq. i'm just bought this laptop bout 1 month ago
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    First of all, I would like to remind you that an open Wi-Fi is a poor choice of location for doing anything sensitive online such as banking or even email (because so many services use email to reset your password). Unless you can set up a VPN or ssl connection, that is. About your speed. First of all, how are you measuring it? If you are looking at the speed of a download manager the speed achieved depends on both the manager used, and the mirror from which you are receiving the file. A download manager that I would recommend is Down Them All for firefox. But to achieve an accurate count of your speed, you should run something such as DSL speed test. ( This is by no means a comprehensive list of considerations, just the ones which I thought of right away.
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    Clear cookies & private data in the browser..
    Avoid downloading more files..
    Dont have more icons in your desktop.
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  3. :D thank you for your advise..
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