Corsair H100 in antec 1200 push pull setup

Every temp program i run, including my BIOS says my CPU is idle at 56-60c, which im assuming is high. I have a Antec 1200 all air cooled, 3 120mm in front bring air in along with the 240mm and 2 120mm in the back for exhaust. V8 Cooler master CPU cooler on a AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Small OC to 3.3Ghz.

The temps are bothering me and i;m new to watercooling to a newbie solution seems to be a H100. My main questions are, since i have two Radeon 6790's which im sure draw heat, should i mount the fans on the Rad to push pull are in from outside the case in or vice versa?

Also if i do bring in air from outside and have the Rad mounted to the back of the case, should my front still draw air in which would leave me with just the 240mm on top as an exhaust?
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  1. I don't know what your problem could be, but I can recommend the H100 as a solid cooling solution.
    Although I can't recommend any of the other corsair premade liquid cooling systems under the H100.
  2. There is no way you should be at those temps at full load with a stock heatsink! Much less with a V8. I'm sure you either figured this out or fried your chip already but you obviously didnt seat your HSF properly. Especially since your using an Antec 1200 LOL. My phenom 965 idled at 28 c 46c full load with stock HSF in that case. That was with a 3.8 ghz OC
  3. Put the H100 with with the fans pulling air in from outside the case for max cooling of your cpu.
  4. You have some airflow or heatsink mount issues if your temps are idle in mid 50s to 60s C.

    Pull the side of your case, blow a desk or house fan on high into the side of your case.

    If temps drop under load, you have an airflow problem. If temps remain relatively the same, you have an issue with your cooler.

    Watercooling isn't going to fix your solution, especially if you want to mount the radiator still requires good airflow to function correctly. Please read through the watercooling sticky linked below.
  5. I'm of the opinion that the heat sink is not mounted right.
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