Hi I really need help, I've been strugeling since last year september pls pls. :pfff:

my Rig:

Motherboard: xfx 790i ultra sli

Ram: corsair xms3 4x 1g

processer: intel(R) core(TM2) Qaud Q6600 2.4ghz

Graphics card: xfx 9800 gx2 black edition

harddrive: 2x 500gb

powersupply: Vantec ioN2+AS 700watt

I exprienced ramdom freezes, while playing games, surfing the net or just doing nothing.
I tried some of the advice you guys posted on this site but still no cigar.

You guys hav no idee how annoying it is, I tried taking my rig back for a refund, but they find nothing wrong with the hardware.

please help I'm on the vurge of using a sleg hammer on my rig.
please I'm going insain.
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  1. Update your motherboard chipset drivers (use reference drivers from Nvidia not XFX).

    Update videocard driver.

    Try 2 sticks of RAM. If no crashes, try the other two. One of your sticks might be going bad. Check your RAM voltage settings, make sure within the make/brand specs.

    Run Prime95 blend test with all BIOS on stock settings. If you crash here or have freezes, then for sure at least one or more hardware component is failing.

    If you have a spare mobo, P45, G31, G41, use that with all other components to see if your SLI mobo is the problem.

    Rule out the obvious first - heat. Do you have good case airflow and have you been checking temps CPU and mainboard?
    My first hunch is software ie BIOS settings.
    Second hunch RAM stick.
    Third, mobo failing.
  2. thanks for repling. well i tried the sticks all ready, it still froze. i tried putting a asus 275gtx in and still froze. i tried a diffrent cpu and still.

    i gave my pc to 3 compenys to do a just steast test for 2 day each and the thing i find anoying is that they didnt get it rite to freeze it. wen i went to fetch it and got home i got it rite to freeze it up in a half a hour. so nobody even know how it looks wen it do, except my mom and girlfriend and some of my buddies.

    but the thing i noticed is that it freezes up much quicker wen my mom is playing farm town, farm ville on facebook. weird.

    i'm running windows 7 ultimate.

    i had the same isseus with xp, xp64x, vista 32x and 64x.

    ok ill try the ram thing again and ill run prime95.

    but sorry to ask what do u mean with mobo p45, g31, g41?

    thanks ill wait for your reply before starting.
  3. but sorry to ask what do u mean with mobo p45, g31, g41?

    thanks ill wait for your reply before starting.

    So far you've been swapping out components except the motherboard. If your RAM, GPU, CPU canbe tested on a different chipset mobo or even a different mobo with the same 790i chipset and they don't freeze, then you know you that your mobo is the problem.

    Did you update all the mob chipset drivers as well as flash to the most recent BIOS version? If what those companies are saying is true - that when they stress test your PC and can't get it t test, then it's gotta be operator error.

    When you mean freeze, do you mean sudden blue screen or a random reboot or a hang that locks you out and you have to manually press the reset button?
  4. ya i mean freeze, a total lock up hav to reset manually. I also thourgt about the board but they didnt find anything wrong with it so refused to replace it. and none of my buddies have a desent board for me to tests it with because none of the use ddr3

    But i'v played around again with the voltage and hav a fresh copy of win7 on. so far so good. Iv downloaded all the drivers i need.
  5. Well if you did a fresh install and the freezes stop, it was probably software, ie corrupted drivers.
  6. no it was a fresh install from the start. the only reason i formated is because i had daemon tools on.

    I think it was diffently the voltages and the timming of my ram.
    because there is a huge diffrence with my performance.

    I just wish i found this wed site soner haha.

    you have no idea how nice it is to play a games more than 2 hours.

    Thanks so much. ill keep you posted if anything happens again.

    if my pc is still running stable until next week, ill post what ive done.

    thanks buddy
  7. yes im been freezing up heticly but notice the only thing i didnt do is the bios update.

    i search the net for the p06, p07, p09, for the 790i ulta board but it now where to be found.

    i dont even know howe to update my bios pls. help

  8. Go to XFX to get the BIOS, then to Nvidia for the mobo chipset drivers.
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