How to recover files from dead hhd

i plugged a wrong power supply plug into my external hard was in it for only 3 seconds and after that my hhd is lights on or respond at all.any chance of getting the files out of it again?pls help.thanks
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  1. How about restart your computer and re-connect the external HDD? Sometimes this helps to clear the buffers. Otherwise use a data recovery software to recover the files right away, take a try this
    Download the personal version, it's free.
    Remember – Do NOT try & write anything back to the external until you can retrieve your files safely!
  2. you can always take it to a repair shop, to make sure it is done correctly? if the advice techuncle26 does not work
  3. Hi, since it was external can you verify that it is the HDD it self that is dead or just the enclosure's interface circuit? pry apart that enclosing and hook that HDD directly to you com as internal drive.
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