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AM3+ mounted cooler

I've just built my first computer with a m5a99x evo motherboard and amdfx 6core am3+ socket. :bounce: I'd like to be able to overclock for photo editing, not long sessions, and will feel much better with a good cooler on the cpu. I would like to do some overclocking to make editing faster, kind of like putting a turbo on my MG Midget.
I'm looking for advice on a cooler that will mount to the existing board without taking the thing apart again for the back mounting.
Thanks for the assist!
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    Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Take a look of this guide:

    That cal help you a lot for overclock the CPU.
  2. Thanks saint19. After reviewing the guide you suggested I ordered and have installed a Master Cooler Hyper 212 EVO and am now OCing at 4009 Mhz, stable!
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  4. Glad to hear that, enjoy it. PM me if you have a future problem ;)
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