Overclocking 8650 need help!

So, I'm asking you for help to overclock my CPU. I tried to overclock it, but i think i overclocked it too much, because i added too many units to the CPU frequency. CPU fans started going 5000 rpm and my PC didn't boot. So. i have a MSI K9N SLI v2 motherboard and an AMD Phenom x3 8650 running now at 2.3 Ghz. Can I overclock it to at least 2.8 GHz or so ? PLZ help me, I'm new to overclocking. :)
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  1. www.google.com or use search function for overclocking. we are not going to give you your own private tutorial when there is a billion things posted daily on an OVERCLOCKING FORUM.
  2. oh, ok, thanks anyways
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