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For some reason when using this combination of hardware, the drives refuse to work or be detected, prefering instead to make "clunking" noises for 10 seconds after POSTing beore giving up..
However if I then press the power button, wait for it to turn off then immediatly press power again to turn it back on, they work perfectly fine.

Does anyone have any idea if this is something I can resolve, or if it's a BIOS/Hardware issue?
Both are brand new and all 3 drives do the same thing.
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  1. Check for a New BIOS for the motherboard. Also, have you tried plugging them into all of the SATA ports?
  2. I had a quick check with the Asus site and there's only the release BIOS available right now I imagine because of the new-ness of the board.
    I spent a good couple of hours swapping cables and checking ports. trying one drive, two and three combinations. Mostly because I have no idea at all what could be the issue.

    It strikes me as odd given the popularity of these drives (Spinpoint f3 1TB) and the hype surrounding the new board that this issue hasn't been seen by anyone else which causes concern that it might just be me being dumb.
    The fact they work fine after I perform the bizare little work-around I described just leaves me believing it to be a conflict with the BIOS and drive firmware since it's 100% reproducable with this setup.

    Another consideration I had was that the PSU I'm using is a Tough Power 1250w which provides constant power to the board, but logically I don't see how that can cause an issue. I've just explored every other possibility AFAIK.
  3. Yeah, that's always a risk with new boards I suppose. I'm not sure what to advise beyond writing to Asus tech support and at least make sure they know of the issue. In the past the had been moderately helpful (albeit slow) when I had questions for them.
  4. Hi,

    I can confirm the issue - I have the same problem, the motherboard fails to detect my Samsung HD203WI, but my older HDD (Samsung HD501LJ) works OK.

    Bios update didn't help.

    There is also a thread about this topic here: http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?board_id=1&model=M4A89GTD%20PRO&id=20100317164623781&page=1&SLanguage=en-us
  5. Well, hopefully they'll see it and incorporate a fix in the next BIOS.
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