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  1. Depending on how much OC'ing your gonna do

    Hyper 212 Plus and Hyper 212 EVO are good option for light and Medium OC

    CM 612 if your going to be doing high OCing
  2. ah... so the 512 is considered sub par and obsolete thanks to the hyper 212+ and evo. even with that rebate. priceless. Thanks for your info, I plan on overclocking in the future the 212+/evo looks to be it, therefore i may even just get the 612.

    what would you consider light to medium OC?

    I5 2500k wise.
  3. Neither....I'd get the new 612 PWM or Scythe Mugen 3

    will get ya 5-7C better than the 212.....

    need mroe, for 7-10C extra get the Silver Arrow
  4. i see
  5. wow the cooler business has sure turned into epenis warfare, by the looks of the names on that chart.
  6. indeed
  7. so is evo pwm just like 612 and skycthe
  8. kikiking said:
    so is evo pwm just like 612 and skycthe

    Yes all 3 coolers come equipped with pwm speed adjustable fans.
  9. I am still a big fan of the 212+ for its price/performance ratio.

    I mean sometimes you get a 25$ cooler that performs within 3-5 degrees of a 60$+ cooler.
  10. where does the 212+ and evo perform within each other, maybe also the 512/20 (or what ever) and 612?
  11. nice to know about pmw adjustable fans also :)
  12. The evo has a different base design and slightly better fan(and it is lit).

    Most modern cpu fans(and even some case fans) are PWM controlled as it is said to be more efficient and quieter(they can be loud if the board tells them to run @ 100%).

    The old way to control fans was with voltage. The issue with it was at too low a voltage, a fan would not start.

    PWM controls based on a signal that tells the fan a % speed to run at. PWM fans can be seen by the extra wire and pin(4 vs 3)

    PWM fans work with 3 pin boards but will be controlled by voltage and 3 pin fans work on pwm(4 pin) boards but will need to be controlled with voltage as well.

    Some boards like my Asus Maximus Gene-Z do not control 3 pin fans well from the cpu header at all. For that board, PWM fans work best.
  13. Not a big deal but the EVO fan is not lit btw.
  14. davcon said:
    Not a big deal but the EVO fan is not lit btw.

    My bad, for some reason I thought I saw pictures of it lit.
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