Core Temp and CPUZ show different multipliers.

System Specs:

Intel Core i5 750
G.Skill DDR3 1600 8GB
Gigabyte P55A-UD3 ATX
OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W
Gigabyte HD 6870

My CPU is currently water cooled and clocked with a base multiplier of 20x and multiplier of 200x to make 4GHz; idling temps at ~42C, and ~50 at load. I originally had C1E and EIST turned off and everything is running stable. Lately I've been leaving my computer on at nigh and decided that it's sucking up too much unnecessary power so I played around with the C1E and EIST settings. In the voltage settings, I've enabled Load Line Calibration to let my motherboard set the appropriate voltage for my CPU.

With C1E and EIST on:
My system is stable, both CPUZ and CoreTemp show the multiplier fluctuating, but they are not consistent. The multiplier was fluctuating way too much, (I think because of intel's EIST) since I can hear my CPU FAN fluctuate when running loads, i.e. playing a game.

So I decided to turn Intel's Speedstep EIST off
My system is stable, and there seems to be less fluctuation in my CPU multipliers. According to CPU-Z though, the system multiplier doesn't change at all, sticking at 20x, while Core Temp reads 16.5x idling and 20x with load. Core Temp is showing the CPU temperature idling at ~37C which is cooler than C1E turned off.

Which one is right? I'm running both the latest versions of CPUZ and Core Temp.
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  1. try to use high performance power plan in control panel/power option
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