Repartitioning Harddisk

Hi there,
I have Dell Laptop

When I boot from Win 7 Home Premium DVD, it shows up 4 partitions:

1rst: 30MB Reserved for OEM
2nd: 13GB The partition which was originally a recovery partition, but I formatted it, since I
dont want it.
3rd: 230GB Primary partition, where Win 7 was originally installed, now formatted
4th: 205GB Logical partition.

I want to have partitions as follows:
1rst: 30MB Reserved for OEM
2nd: 120GB Win 7
3rd: 180GB
4th: Remaining

But win 7 disk doesnt allows to merge the paertitions or resize them.
What should I use?
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  1. Backup your data first, delete all partition and create a new partition as the size you need.
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