1.5 vs 1.65 v memory and overclocking which to get

I am fortunate to have someone donating 12G of 1333 memory either 1.5 or 1.65. I therefore can select my mobo based on memory. If I plan on overclocking an i7 920 to 3+G is it better to ask for the 1.5 or the 1.65v memory and why.

My GUESS is that the 1.5v memory would be better, because it should be more stable vs the 1.65 v memory which I would think is possible overclocked 1.5 memory that is stable at the 1333.

1.5v is Kingston no model

1.65v is Patriot PVT36G1333LLK DDR3 1333MHz 7-7-7-20
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  1. At the same speed and timmings, the lower voltage ones.
    But if you don´t know anything about the kingston modules, I would choose the Patriots ones.
  2. after voltage the smaller the latency number is next determination though I think the Kingstons should be comparable to the extremes
  3. Don´t worry, the diference between them is very small. Both will work properly.
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