Upgrade E6400 (new list)

Actual system:
Age: 2.5 years
E6400@2.13GHz w/ stock cooler
Kingston PC2-5300 2x1GB 333MHz 5-5-5-15 1.8V
Geforce 7950GT
P5B Deluxe, PCIe x16
For the PSU

I want to upgrade the CPU-coller, RAMs and G/C:
E6400@ 3.xxGHz w/ coller: Zalman 9500 retail: CA$58 free shippin or scythe mugen 2 retail: US$37
Tell me if the Zalman worths the price difference, keep in mind that the ship is free and it's in CA - take off the price 10-15$.

G/C: Radeon 4890

RAM: 2x1GB kit retail: CA$40 or 2x2Gb kit retail: CA$65
Keep in mind that my OS is win XP, but I'll maybe upgrade to win 7...

Ok, so what do you think bout this upgrade? Any suggestion/comment, feel free to post!
Thanks to read.
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  1. GPU: Great choice on a video card. Depending on your resolution, you could down grade to the 4870 and still get great performance. Remember, the new 5870 is released, which is the KING now but you are looking at upper $300 for one of them.
    HSF: Stick with the Scythe Mugen 2 CPU cooler. The Zalman isn't worth the extra money and won't perform as well either
    RAM: Your RAM pick is good. You can go with 4GB of RAM even with Win XP. When you upgrade to Win7, you'll want to get the 64-bit version. Getting 4GB now will save from having to get another 2GB down the road. Running 2x2GB setup is better than 4x1GB setup... IMO.
  2. Get the Scythe cooler. It's more effective that the Zalman.

    Absolutely buy the 4GB PI blacks, DDR2 is only going to go up in price from here on. Get it while you can.

    5850 is due out tomorrow. you might want to hold off a bit on the GPU purchase.
  3. I'm planning to buy the 5870 on a new rig.

    What do you use to cool the ram?

    Why do you think the price will go up?
  4. I was wrong about the 5850... Well, some site I had read was wrong. Turns out it's due in "very early October" so that means next week.

    NCIX has a special on the Mugen this week
  5. I just checked for shipping and I cant enter canadians postal codes composed of 6 letters/numbers. Newegg.com isn't shipping to CA?
  6. Go to www.newegg.ca and do your build. This is the Canadian site
  7. Just a nickname said:
    I'm planning to buy the 5870 on a new rig.

    What do you use to cool the ram?

    Why do you think the price will go up?

    DDR2 prices will go up since the market is going to DDR3 & DDR2's will stop being made, which increase price.
  8. no scyther mugen 2 at newegg.ca =(
    but ill get it from your link thanks!
  9. Concur with getting 2 x 2 gig ram. (Get the DDR-800 (PC6400).
    With the E6400 try for Bus = 400 (FSB=1600) and with the DDR2-800 that will be a 1::1 ratio. I had 4 x 1 gigs of ram, swithed to 2 x 2 Muskins and was able to lower my DDimm Voltage (slighty) but the biggy was that with 4 sticks I had to raise my (G)mch and FSB voltage by 0.1 V which I was able to back off by going with just 2 Sticks.

    Been runing at 3.2 for about 2 1/2 yrs - no problem.

    Concur on HSF. I am using the zalman 9500, but I got it a 1/2 price. It does an OK job but I think the other is better. My idle temps run mid to upper 30's and about 58 in summer (Keep house on the warm side to save on electric bill). During winter I avg 27 -> 30 Idle and 48 -> 50 Fully loaded. My idle is internet usage, Load is with either TAT or furmark (to load GPU)
  10. Thanks for your great advice!
    Hum, I'll order soon so, you confirm the 2x2GB kit I proposed as a good choice?
  11. The G.Skill PI Black RAM is excellent. I've used it in a few builds in the past, including my own personal machine, and have always been very impressed with it.

    I have an E6420 that has been running at 3.2GHz (400 x 8) for about 2 1/2 years. That overclock puts the RAM right at DDR2 800 and should be pretty easy for your chip.
  12. the 2 x 2 choice seams good ( 1.8 -> 1.9 V) and a CL = 4. Looked at the web site and has about the best rating. (Have not used that brand, but may try when I eventually move up to DDR 3. Be a while as My E6400 does what I need.
  13. The 5850 is gonna need one big ass case. Granted it's shorter than the 5870, but just looking at it I don't think it's by much :D. Anyway once the 5850 launches at the least it should push down prices of the 4890 and the GTX 275
  14. I'm using the RAM as well. It's very popular for a reason.
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