HELP. How do I connect my PSU to this motherboard (p7p55d)

My PSU has these connectors

And my motherboard has several seperated connectors, including one that even has a cover for half its pins. This is very different from my different motherboard and the manual doesn't really help in this regard. This is the mothreboard btw

Asus p7p55d:
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  1. What power supply do you have there? I cant tell if it has a 20+4 atx connector or a 20 pin connector and a 4 pin connector. If you dont have a 24 pin connector on your power supply then it is definitely time to upgrade. If that is a 20+4 pin connector then it goes in the 24 pin slot on the motherboard and there should be another 4 or 8 pin connector that goes into the 8 pin slot that has half the holes covered.
  2. Well the pics has all the motherboard power cables shown, all the others are just for HDDs n such, but my PSU is a LCPower LC6600 V2.2. Acording to the description on the box it has these cables:

    20/24 pin mainboard
    2x12V 4 pin mainboard (EPS 8pin)
    1x PCI-Express (what is this btw? do i need to connect it to my GPU?)
    4x SATA
    4x PATA
    1x floppy
  3. The two cables shown on the left go together. That is the 20+4. They will only fit in one way.

    The PCI-E cabble is also shown. It is the 6+2 pin. Whether you need it or not depends on your video card.

    That looks like the 4-pin CPU power on the right. it's Ok to plug that into the 8-pin socket near your CPU. It will again only fit one way.

    Having said all that, I wouldn't personally plug that cheap PSU into any hardware I valued.
  4. So I connect the 20+4 AND the 4 pin near the CPU? My previous motherboard only had 20 and 4 so I'm not sure if i'm connecting too many cables
  5. That is right. As the MB picture shows, the 4-8 pin socket at the right edge of the board is where the 4-pin goes. They have blocked off the other for pins for you so you won't get confused... if you had a newer PSU with an 8-pin cable you would just remove the tab.

    In short, fill every power connection on the board that you can.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, everything is working fine. I had a little scare with some red lights on the mobo but apparently they are normal for a first time boot, it's some sort of boot up check for all the components. They are all gone now.

    Thanks again.
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