Best gaming mobo?

I'm going to be building a fairly high end gaming PC sometime soon, and cannot figure out which motherboard would be the best.

Important info:
I'll be running 5040x1050 resolution on 1 ATI Card with a possibility of adding in a second card down the road.

I've always bought ASUS and Corsair for mobo/ram. I used to have the A7N8X Deluxe, and the A8R32-MVP Deluxe, both of which were champions of their time. I'm looking for my new champion.

I know that some of the P6T variants have SAS on board, which is nice, but I strictly want the best performing gaming motherboard. Any benchmark links would be amazing.

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  1. Board manufacturer doesn't usually make a whole lot of difference these days, especially at stock performance. Where they start to differentiate is overclocking options and tools, and quality of components/heatsinks that allow you to hit the highest clock speeds. Since you are already familiar with ASUS, the P6T V2 Deluxe is a popular enthusiast board you'd probably be comfortable with.

    I think I read somewhere that an MSI board currently has the air cooled overclocking record, but I've always been on the fence with MSI quality. Perhaps they've gotten better recently.
  2. I found this really cool benchmark,,2252-21.html

    It still makes it tough. I want to make sure the mobo supports DDR3 @ 2000.
    I guess MSI or that P6T might be the answer...hmm....
  3. I wouldn't get too hung up on the DDR3 @2000 support, anything more than DDR3 1333 is above spec for the chipset, and is achieved by automatic overclock by the manufacturer.
  4. So would that not increase performance? I thought somewhere in my benchmark hunting I found 2000/2133 outperforming 1333 (for gaming fps). Hmm...i'll read up.
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    it does improve performance, as long as your CPU can keep up so to speak, though the point I was getting at is that it's usually possible to do a manual overclock and hit the same speeds. Also, for those boards that advertise 2000 mhz, I'd pay very close attention to the approved vendor lists for RAM modules as that's the best way to make sure you'll get that 2000 mhz. Otherwise, you'll end up manually clocking the RAM to your rated specs anyway.
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