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I have a Sapphire 5870 and has been enjoying it for the last two weeks.
I have played Men of War without any problems and World in Conflict both runs great.

A few days ago I installed Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. When I tried to play it I had a horizontal line on the monitor about 2" wide that was flickering.
I then tried to play COD 4 and there I had white dots flashing all over the screen when I tried to play. This was all done with stock speed on the card and no heat issues detected, I even had the fans running at highest speed just to make sure it wasnt a heat problem.

So I thought that this maybe a driver issue with dx 9. I installed other drivers without success.
Then I tried to run OF:DR and COD 4 and underclocked the card to 600 Mhz on Core and 900 Mhz on memory and then all the issues were gone.
I have 750w psu and used to run a 9800gx2 and a 8800gtx simultaneously so it should not be a psu issue.

The only thing left for is if it might be a problem with Windows 7 and the drivers but I havent found anyone with the same problem as I.
Any input on what might be causing the problem would be great before I return the card.
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  1. Try a clean windows installation before you return the card.
  2. Rather than a clean windows installation, try to clean all of the nvidia graphics card drivers from the system using a driver sweeper/cleaner program.

    If that doesn't work, then try different ati drivers. Sometimes the newest isnt' always the greatest.
  3. I still stand by reinstalling windows before returning the card.
  4. I am suffering from the same thing. I have a sapphire 5850 though...ever since i tested crysis on it...all i get are artifacts like im overclockin the memory or somethin...it has progressed until it does this all the time..playin games or not..I am trying my best to figure this out b4 i send it back..but im trying to wait on my 2 intel drives to come in the mail..no point of reloadin windows twice...if u find a permanent solution share it!
  5. No solution yet.
    I've tried with driver sweeper and the new drivers that was released today but the problem is exactly the same.
    Im gonna try the card on a different computer on friday. If that doesnt work Im sending it back.
  6. Tried the card on a vista 32 comp but I get the same errors.
    Looks like Im sending this card back.
  7. I've had the same issue with white flickering dots. I have an ATI 4890 and have it hooked to my LED monitor using HDMI via an DVI to HDMI adapter. I inspected the cable and after seeing no flaws, I cleaned both ends with compressed air. I also cleaned the HDMI port on my monitor and the DVI port on my graphics card. After I plugged the adapter and cable back in my problems ceased to exist.

    I would also try a new cable if that doesnt fix the issue. These dots can also occur if your card is overheating. I would reccomend PC Wizard. You can monitor your temps in addition to a ton of useful information regarding your pc. A high idle temp for your graphics card would be anywhere from 70-80 degrees centrigrade/celsius. If you have no luck with those steps I would try installing new drivers for your graphics card as a last resort. If that doesnt work, try using a friends monitor or another computer with your monitor to narrow things down. I hope this helps.
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