Whats the best way to go for more hard drive

whats the best way to go for more hard drive should get external or add another hard drive to your pc's internal or just change it to a bigger one its a 80 gb hard drive and can you get one with more video memory if your using alot of video memory should you just get a flash drive help. thanks stacee http://wwwstaceest.net
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  1. There is a hard drive forum for this sort of question. However, if you are just looking for storage, your best bet is to just get an external.
  2. IF you plan on using it for backups, an external can be alot handier, however if you just want more space on your machine, get an internal drive as generaly speaking it will perform better.

    Flash drive is only good if your wanting to speed things up, and would require you to reinstall windows on the flash drive to see said speed gains.
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