Only 1 disk shows in boot priority...the wrong one

I just finished building a system with an ASUS P6TD Deluxe motherboard and everything is working great except this.

I Have a Corsair SSD and 2 Samsung spinpoint hard drives. I waited to install the samsungs until the system was done as they are only for media. I installed Windows 7 Pro (64bit) on the SSD and it works fine. Once everything was up and running, I tried adding the Samsung SATA drives to the mix.

When I booted up, the system tries to boot from one of the Samsung drives.

In bios, all drives are recognized. However, only 1 of the samsungs are shown in boot priority. The Corsair, and even the other Samsung are not even an option. And it won't boot unless I take everything but the Corsair SSD out.

I have a rack internally installed that allows easy access to the drives. The rack of 4 bays is hooked to SATA ports 1-4 on the motherboard. The Corsair with Windows 7 is on Port 6. When all drives are in the system, boot priority appears to look at sata port 1 only, and nothing else.

I could switch the cables and have the corsair on port 1, but I would like the functionality of being able to select different drives in boot priority. Any ideas?

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  1. ok, I found the answer. Instead of going to boot priority, I went to Hard Disk Drives in bios. All drives are listed there. The boot priority apparently looks at that list and selects the drive in the top position, and only the drive in top position. You can select the drive you want under the hard disk drive menu, but not the boot priority.

    I'm new to this and am still learning.
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