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I've been here once for advice and everyone helped me out a ton but now im back and need some more advice. after looking at benchmarks i've realized that the intel i5 is much better than the AMD phenom II X4 965 and it would cost me $10 less. i've changed everything in my parts to work with my new CPU choice but i want a second opinion. I'm going to be using this for gaming and maybe some photo editing, money is an issue and i dont want to spend much more than what i've budgeted out.

Intel core i5 750@2.66GHz

ASUS LGA 1156 motherboard

2X 2X2GB(8GB in total) DDR3 1333MHz CAS latency 7 RAM

Antec 850W PSU

2X WD 500GB 7200RPM hard drives in RAID 0

Samsung DVD burner

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5870

I know that the GPU is over powered when compared to the rest of the computer but i want a computer that i wont have to upgrade in a long time, i'll be buying this around christmas so the prices for it will be lower by that time. after i build the computer then i'll slowly buy aftermarket coolers and fans and then i might overclock it by a bit.
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  1. Your links are all screwed up, make it a bit trickier to check parts.

    The 500GB WD drives run 2 250GB platters vs the samsung F3's single 500GB platter which will make it faster. They also tend to be cheaper.

    Im not sure which antec 850 watt PSU you are considering but the 750TX from corsair has plenty for two cards and should save you a bunch.
  2. Do you have a case?

    Otherwise it looks good. If you want to overclock I would recommend an aftermarket cooler, such as
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    Ram that is just as fast for less

    Definitely swap that PSU out, the CP-850 is a special CPX form factor that will only fit into a few select full tower cases like the antec 1200. You can get an EA750 which will still provide plenty of power but will cost less
    the 750 tx seems to have increased in price for canadians lately so it is no longer cheaper.
  4. You may want to save the $10 and get the 640 GB
  5. im getting the antec 1200 case which is why i picked that power supply, how is the RAM faster? it has the same CAS latency as the RAM that i picked
  6. shozzking said:
    after looking at benchmarks i've realized that the intel i5 is much better than the AMD phenom II X4 965 and it would cost me $10 less.

    Would you mind posting or linking these benchmarks? Im not doubting you, just want to see them
  7. shozzking said:
    why is that RAM better than the one that i chose?

    Anonymous said:

    It has the same specs for less money, like Hunter315 said.
  8. And lower voltage, which could result in higher overclocks.
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