Server workstation - need SSD to replace HDD Raid 0 - Sata 2


So heres the deal:

I have:

2x xeon e5530
24gb ram ecc reg
Asus GTX 480
Asus Z8PE-D18
4x WD RE 4 500 gb in raid 0.

I think one of hdd's is damaged coz when I work with heavy applications that require to load a lot of data to ram (2-20 gb data) my soft just crash. I guess 1 of hdd is making error somewhere and my application shut down.

Will be doing testing today on a single non used hdd to confirm my worries.

Anyway I'd like to get SDD to match up the speed of the 4x raid 0 drivers.

The motherboard I got have Sata 3 - I guess I cant use Sata 6 ssd with sata 3 controllers ? Not sure...

Anyway what SSD do you guys recommend to run with Sata 3 at 120 gb or up to 150£ ?

I'm considering this :

1x SSD 120 gb OS
2x Raid 0 500gb each Storage
2x Raid 0 500 gb each storage
1x DVD


2x SSD raid 0 OS
3x Raid 0 500 gb
1x DVD

bottom line does my mobo need to do something special to use SSD? I never used SSD b4...
Ideas comments suggestions? Thanks all welcome ! :)

Forgot to say : I'm a CGI artist - heavy files big images 10 gb size PSD files and so on. So I run files from 20 mb to 10gb + All the time most of the time at the same time... So I have a Photoshop open using 16gb of ram and then 3ds max using another 7 gb of ram or so...
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  1. Well Crucial m4 has amazing read speed but suffer in write speed. Corsair Force Series have a more balanced read/write speed. I believe it's around 285/275 respectively while the m4 is like 415/95. It seems you're having to read files 20-10gb+ all the time so I would say read speed is more important BUT lets wait for someone with more knowledge to enter this thread and help you out more :P
  2. Heya

    Thanks for info ! Will look at crucial m4 and corsair force series. They are sata 2 right ?

    I got big files but they are loaded from storage hdd... But bottom line is that files are loaded in to temp folders&ram that is on OS driver ! So might help...

    Thanks for ur time and help wintermint ! :)
  3. Right...sooo no1 can help? :s
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