Can I use an Asus provided bios in an HP re-stamped Asus motherboard?

I recently received an HP DX2450 Micro tower pc. It has an Asus M2N68-LA motherboard. I understand that HP re-stamps Asus motherboards, so they have small differences and different model numbers. I noticed that a M2N68-AM motherboard looks extremely similar to mine, so I was wondering if it would be safe to try the M2N68-AM bios on my motherboard. If not, would it be possible to use the following processor in my motherboard?
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  1. It has an AM2 socket, which means that that CPU will not work because it is an AM3 socket. As for the BIOS, I would think it would work, but if you mess something up in the BIOS, it can make your whole machine bad. I am not 100% sure you can, so I wouldn't.
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