More than Manufactuer Max Memory on Sony Vaio?

I have a few year old Sony Vaio Notebook (VGN SZ320P). It's currently maxed out with 2GB ram (1gbx2, 200pin sodimm ddr pc2-5300). According to Sony's specs, that is the most ram it can carry. Is that a true max?

I'm wondering what would happen if i put in 4gb (2gb x 2). The notebook has a 2ghz Intel Core 2 T7200 CPU (Intel 945GM) and I'd like to try and push its performance a bit further before I go out and get a new box. The unit is running XP but i will upgrade it to windows 7 pro if i can add more ram. Its used for a lot of graphics related applications ...and the extra memory boost would be a nice improvement if possible. Anybody have any guidance or thoughts?
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  1. If you install 2GB x 2, you should at best see 2GB.
  2. that would be the max memory. the only other way to find out is to go to the sony website and see if there is a bios update that will increase the max to 4GB or more. but chances of that would be slim because it is usually a limitation of what the mobo can handle.
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