My mac no longer can detect the cavalry storage hard disk

Please help- none of my laptops mac and pc can detect this hard drive after plug in. I have all my info from 2003 on this.
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  1. Actually not all external hard drive will work on Apple. I think you have to change it to FAT 32 but if your hard drive is already in this format tell me.. if it's not, formating it to FAT 32 would erase everything. But it's weird that it's not working on your PC either. Did your external HDD make any weird noises lately? Did you drop it or anything?
  2. thanks for your response. I am not familiar how to format/check the drive to FAT 32, please advise. I have not dropped it and its not making any noises. Everything looks good as far as I can tell. I am just concerned that all my info is on this drive.
  3. If you have any valuable data /"I have all my info from 2003 on this"/ on this disk you by any means should NOT format it.

    + If you can't read it on a PC too it's likely not a format issue.
    It may be caused by the enclosure electroniks, and in case disk itself is OK you may pull it out of the case and move it to another case or a docking station. Or you may get the bare drive and attach it internally in a desktop.

    I repete: under any circumstances DO NOT FORMAT this disk!
  4. Thanks so much! I will try this and keep you posted
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