Which mobo? asus or gigabyte?

Im planning on making a build of. Core i7 930

i dont which motherboard is more good.

it is between asus rampage II gene or a gigabyte GA-x58a-ud3r

i dont what is the difference. expect for the 6gb sata and usb 3. but people said when i crossfire in the gigabye mobo. it will disable the usb 3? true?

so what would your choice?

if you recomend me with other boards ,ok. but 250 or less please.
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  1. No, not for X58. That is only P55 I believe.

    As to which is good, both are. Asus and Gigabyte are my two favorite MB companies. Id suggest comparing features (that you actually need) to price and deciding from that.
  2. "X58-Express offers 40 total PCI-E link lanes with 32 reserved for graphics, but the DMI link, Marvell, and NEC chips will share the remaining eight lanes for normal operation."

    So no, you can still do 16x/16x and have plenty of space left for the new techs.

  3. so.. i should go for gigabyte then?
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