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Second fan on liquid cooling?

I've got a Asetek Liquid CPU Cooling System, and I just overclocked my 2.66 quad (Q9400) to 3.4GHz. The water goes to that big cooling block which is connected to a 120mm fan, and I just noticed that there are screw holes on the opposite side of the block. I was wondering if it'd do anything or be bad to put a second 120mm fan on the opposite side? Obviously blowing air in the same direction as the one already hooked to it.

Has anyone done this? Right now the fan is on the back of my tower, and then the cooling block is connected to that, and I have room in my tower to put the second fan on the other side of the block. My temps are fine (40C idle) but it'd be nice to have them cooler if connecting a second fan would do anything.

If my explanation is unclear, I could post some pictures of the rig.

Huh, this picture of it seems to have two fans, so maybe it'd be a good idea:

[EDIT] Sorry, I just didn't know how to do a search of this -- figured out it's called "push/pull" and can lower temps up to 5 degrees in some cases. Herp derp, sorry for the new thread.
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  1. Your research is correct :) This can be done, and is done, very regularly by people using water-cooling and radiators. Push/Pull set-ups can offer much greater cooling capabilities than single fan configurations :)
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    Yeah, push/pull on a higher FPI rad like those used on many LCS coolers is often very beneficial, sometimes 5C+ difference, depending on application.
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