Quad Cores and multiple apps and games running

Hey guys,

I've just upgraded to a Core i5 750 from a Core 2 duo E6600 system.

It seems that in games the extra two cores aren't used much if at all by most games and so I was wondering if that means I could run applications such as Convert x2dvd and Fritz 12 simultaneously in the background whilst playing Fallout 3, Crysis etc?

Specifically, I am a competitive chess club player and am always putting games into Fritz for analysis, a process which take a couple of hours or more on a longish chess game.

Are the current quad cores able to cope with this and would it be possible to do both this and play the latest games at the same time?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can shed light on this, cheers :)
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  1. Most encoding programs will use as many cores as they can, fritz will as well so they arent going to share well with a dual core game, due to the context switching everything will run significantly slower.
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