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Hey guys!

I've got this Thermochill PA 120.3 rad lying around, and I've thought of mounting it to my Antec 1200. If figured, however, that it will be sort of problematic, and, if doable, the outcome will look somewhat messy.

My question to you case gurus out there is, what cases would you guys recommend for mounting a triple rad like mine ON TOP of it. (Not hanging on the back)

I looked at the cosmos 1000 (cheap and nice looking), but I cannot imagine fitting a pa 120.3 on top of that thing.

I would preferably do this without any modding, but if I have to, so be it.

I guess it has to look sort of nice as well. Any thoughts on using the Cosmos S, for instance?
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  1. Totally black. I like it. What case is this? I take it you would be fitting the radiator underneath the top op the case, right?
  2. well with minimal modifications you can do this
  3. Hmm, nice build indeed. :D

    The Obsidian 800D looks roomy and suitable for this kind of thing. However, a double fan rad is used here, not a triple one. And I doubt that there will be space enough to place it on the bottom.

    If you look closely on those two pics, however, It looks like 3 120mm fans are meant to be placed at the top, which gives me the idea that a triple rad, like the PA 120.3 that i am currently in the posession of, could be fitted in that area instead.

    What I am unsure of, would be if the large rad will obstruct the placement of the motherboard as well as other components in the case...
  4. Hey,

    I'm currently in love with Obsidian!

    Ayways the Obsidian was designed to take a triple rad at the top on the inside! so it would be perfect for your pa 120.3. You won't have any clearance issues with the motherboard and the radiator.

    Google or Bing some pics or go to the Corsair website. Good stuff!
  5. exactly this case was built for liquid cooling
  6. Great :D

    I'm not sure how I would mount it on there though?

    It it were on top on the outside i would just "put it there", but since we're using this case, I would have to drill some holes or something. Am I right?

  7. it has bout 4.5" of space between the top of the case and top of the board
  8. Nice case. But...HAF 932 FTW!
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