Best FPS Gaming Keyboard and Mouse?

I am looking to get a new keyboard and mouse with my new build. I've never had a special keyboard or mouse for gaming, only going so far as to get a Microsoft 5 button mouse which has served me well. Thought I might try out something special for the new build. Newegg has this mouse on sale:
and for the price looks worth giving a shot. Any thoughts on this one? Alternatives? The G9X they have with MIR looks nice as well but seems a tad pricey.

I have no idea on keyboards. I'll play primarily FPS, RTS, and Diablo 3 when it comes out.


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  1. G9X is very good,i myself have G9 and very satisfied with it,i don't think You'll use more than 3200 DPI so you may want to look at G9 too,the difference between them is that G9 has lower DPI and is cheaper.
    For keyboard,Logitech G19 is good but expensive,the alternative to it would be G15,the difference is that G19 has a colored LCD where as G15 doesn't but G15 is about $100 cheaper.I have the G15 as well,i love the combination of my G15 and G9 :) and i am not saying they are good because i have them,they have good reviews too.
    Other recommendations would be Razer Mamba and Razer Arctosa
  2. +1 for the G9 over G9x

    I'm looking at getting a saitek eclipse on the keyboard front, not very fancy, but nice to use and a good action. You might want to look at this:
  3. +1 for G9 and G15.

    Although i have the MX Revolution, the G9 is a great mouse!
  4. Right now at Newegg the G9X is 89.99 with a $15MIR while the G9 is flat 89.99 with no MIR. So I'm guessing at the cheaper price go for the G9X?

  5. Absolutely!
  6. 69Rocket-Joe said:
    Right now at Newegg the G9X is 89.99 with a $15MIR while the G9 is flat 89.99 with no MIR. So I'm guessing at the cheaper price go for the G9X?


    Wow,if so then go for G9X without a doubt :D
  7. cooler master storm sentinel

    with microsoft x6

    my current set, mouse big and chunky feel without being too heavy(i use it with 2 weights), well balanced keyboard good response easy feeling keys but takes time to get used too

    Ok I have had a couple mice in my gaming days and nothing compares the R.A.t. 7 for me. My friend has the 'Logitech G500' and its nice but I like the reprogramming and over all feel of the rat.
    I got mine on ebay for around 60$. No problems with it what so ever.
    The only complaint I could have for it is that the side scroll is A little award at first but you get use to it after a couple times. Its only a feature too so its nice to have anyway.
    The sniping button it an amazing feature too. Mainly used for fps but I do a little of all and it always serves its porous.

    I was looking for a back lit keyboard at the time and I got this. AMAZING KEYBOARD! the micros are such a nice feature. I play a lot of tf2 so I have the ones on my right side set to class selection and team change. The color are nice and pretty and the metal keys eliminate the wasd making it call your name every time you walk by it.
    Complacent is sometimes the volume control is a little suborn
    I even once came across a USB mechanical keyboard at a thrift store for 3$ and I gave it to a friend because I like the V.7 more.
  9. I would look at mechanical keyboards. they are much better than regualar rubber dome keyboards. Stay away from razer keyboards though, they are cheaply made. I would suggest either das keyboard, or a corsair k60/90. there are also some other good mechanical keyboard brands. just search them on newegg.
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