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Change read only attribute on DVD/CD

Has anyone found a way to get rid of the read only attribute on a dvd/cd? The purpose of trying to put Outlook archive email on a DVD to save space on a server or PC is wasted since you can't change the read only. While it serves as a backup for the email, having to copy it back to your desktop or server to read the email is both time consuming and defeats the original purpose.
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    any CD-R or DVD-R are Read-Only

    you might want to try a DVD-RW or a Flash drive.
  2. snake1955

    For me, Outlook (2003) will let me read Email in folders that are read-only. What happens if you try to open archived Email from a DVD?

    As emerald wrote, once you write to the dvd/cd, it's fixed. That's how they work. If you need to read and write, buy a Flash drive (and make a backup copy; there are a lot of messages about failed Flash devices on the forums).
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have over 100 people that use Outlook 2007, so I can't afford to buy them all sticks. Also, storage is limited on thier PCs, so I have the archives on the network. What I decided to do is purchase a USB DVD+RW portable to put each users archive files on. Once copied, I'll simply give them the DVD/RW disk and tell them to keep it in a safe place. If they need to view the archived email, they can check out the portable USB DVD+RW drive to read if from their pc. Then I can delete their archive from the server.

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