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I have a not so new system that I will like to sell, need advice on how much to get out it. Here it goes:

Case: Cooler Master Cstacker
CPU: Old P4 3.4ghz
MB: Asrock 775-Dual-VSTA
Video: Old Nvidia 6800GS 256MB AGP
Storage: 4X160GB IDE WD in Raid 0
1X160gb Sata Main Drive
1X200gb IDE Storage Drive
Power: 1 550w CoolMax Power Supply
1 600w Antec True Power
Memory 2GB of DDR2
Audio: SB Audigy 4
Regular Maouse and KB
May include the monitor a 19" NEC LCD 1990SX monitor.
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  1. Very little.

    Some of the parts may be movable on ebay.
  2. With out specific model #, you might be able to get roughly $120 for case and Antec 600w PSU as a combo of $80 for case and $40 for PSU. Everything else you might be looking at roughly $15 to $20 each... if lucky. :)

    A total sale, I would expect around $250 or best offer. If you have eBay, put it up for $250 and see what you get... You might be lucky and get $300+ for it.
  3. Start it on Ebay for $1.00 and see what you get after 7 days. Not many people looking for such a lowend system epecially when you can get a good Intel Celeron for real cheap that runs much faster then that P4.
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