Asus K8N

hey :pfff: i'm runing a:
asus K8N motherboard
amd sempron 3000+
ati radeon 1300-1550 grafic card
2 Ram Cards(1-kingmax 1gb DDR-400/1kingmax 512mb DDR-400)
1 HDD(samsung serial ata(500gb ,cache 16mb,7200 ))
and my computer doesn't boot
i pres the start button i hear the hdd loading,all the fans working the led on the motherboard lights-up,graficcard fan working,
but no beep ,anmd no post
the computer keeps loading but no outputand stil no beep
i tryed to reset cmos/bios
i've done even a bios flush using other computer
but stil nothing

who cand help me with anything....
pls help
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  1. does it shows any thing on screen or not.. if the screen is black then some components in you mother board has blown up..

    try to start the machine after removing RAM sticks.. if you hear the beep sounds, then it will be a small issue in mother board.. it can fixed easily by technician..
  2. Listen to mano, and if that all fails, make sure you used the motherboard risers when installing the board in to the case. if you cause a short, the pc will not post.

    Keep in mind that you have to have the provided speaker plugged in to the motherboard in order to hear the beep codes.

    not posting could also be due to a bad video card. Make sure that's ok or have another one you could test this with.
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Don't post your e-mail on the thread.
    2- What OS do you have?
    3- If you can see the Windows logo loading, but you can't log in, the problem is the Windows not the mobo.
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