Why do i get this message "unconfigured?"

I have Asus p8p67 deluxe mobo and my vertex 2 ssd drive is connected to Marvell serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connector. My mobo default was set to AHCI mode, when I boot up my computer I get a message "marvell 88se91xx adapter initializing, my ssd drive detected but the status said not configured. I still able to boot up windows with no problem, but I don't know why I keep getting that message everytime when I boot up my computer. Anyone have this problem and how do I fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. nm..I did some research and there's alot of problems with marvell connectors, I should just plug my ssd into intel p67 ata connectors.
  2. The Intel controller on the motherboard is the controller of choice. Try it and see what happens.
  3. I have been having this same issue for over a month now. Did some research and read the manual for the mobo and found out there are White Marvell SATA ports and White intel SATA ports. After switching from the Marvell to the Intel, I found MUCH improved boot times and the annoying screen saying "unconfigured" is now gone.

    Hope this helps.
  4. How do you know what is the White intel SATA and which is they White Marvell SATA. I have a p8z77-v premium board btw and getting this message.
  5. nvm looked at the user guide, but the grey port that is the Intel port isn't apart on my onboard 32gb ssd caching.....
  6. It is in the manual. I have a P9X79 so it would be somewhat different I would imagine.

    Check it out on page 2-2 of the users manual.
  7. I have the premium which is different
    the 2 marvel ports has the 32gb ssd caching on them and the white port doesnt
  8. When I plugged it into the intel white socket it god rid of the unconfigured message, but not sure if my 32gb ssd onboard caching is being used now or not.
  9. I believe they have to be in the Marvell ports to use the SSD caching feature.
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