New EVGA mobo features 2 LGA 1366 sockets, SEVEN PCIe x16 slots

The new EVGA motherboard is known as the Classified SR-2 (Super Record 2). It is designed with two LGA1366 sockets and is based on the enterprise-grade Intel 5520 chipset with ICH10R southbridge.

Each socket is powered by an 8-phase digital PWM circuit, with 2-phase uncore, and is built with higher amounts of gold on the pins in order to enhance conductivity. Of course, the two processors will need significant amounts of memory to match, which is the reason why the new motherboard has no less than 12 DIMM Triple-Channel DDR3 1333MHz+, for a total of up to 48GB of memory.


Can I drool now? Or will this server-oriented mobo be hard to use for consumer-level apps, and gaming?
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  1. ^jeje yea, yesterday I read that specifications on the EVGA's web site. And I can see some problems:

    1- Drool?, come on, you don't spend a fortune in a mobo for have to droll gaps.
    2- It's only for Intel :(
    3- 2 processors?, at $2214. (Xeon 5570). With the price of one processor I can build my rig two times.
  2. such insane boards wouldn't interest me... atleast for now... may be after a few years it will be a common thing..
  3. Its a waste of money, and most games and aps will NEVER take the advantage of the two CPU slots, though its fun to look at :lol:. And why the heck would you want 48GB for gaming? Thats ridiculas! lol

  4. I give it 48 hours after the release that someone will have two Xeon 5570 on LN2 with two 5970's setting a new 3DMark Vantage record or some other benchmark record! The people that live for benchmarking with love and eat up this board...
  5. Nice, but that's some serious overkill for now... I'll pass...
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