Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX

This hard drive is making noises, but it's brand new out of the box. It makes that old hard drive grinding sound now and then. Not a clicking, but the sounds you would hear with hard drives back in the old days. So, my question is, does this particular hard drive just make noise because it's a louder model and/or because it's a larger volume ( 1TB drive ) or should I RMA it with newegg?
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  1. Hi,

    We have a few of those drives, it should not make a grinding noise like you say.

    It sounds like it could have been hit while being delivered, to be safe I would claim on warranty
  2. Hi there,

    The WD Cavier Blacks are very quiet, and you rarely hear of any problems with them. I have 2 of them, and they are running all the time, don't make any noise.

    Here is a link to audio noises HDD's make, with the first section being Western Digital. Might take a listen and compare sounds with yours.


    If it is a brand new WD Caviar Black, I'd get it replaced, no if or ands! Unfortunately, they are not like good bottles of wine, they don't get better with age!!
  3. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard those sounds lol! Anyway, my drive isn't make any of those sounds. Don't laugh, but the sound(s) are similar to the ones that a computer from Fallout New Vegas or FO3 would make. I've never heard these sounds before so I wasn't sure. Several people on newegg.com said these sounds were normal hard drive sounds. But, since you're saying it's best to replace it since it should make sounds. I'm with you, so I guess I'll RMA it. Thanks for the help. I love the site!
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