So How Did You Find Star Trek?

As a semi-hardcore, the new movie is totally awesome! There are some things I may not agree with, such as the lack of anything significantly cerebral (to make everything cool, fast-paced, and like I said, awesome), but at least they did not wipe out all that established Trek mythos.

Watched it twice over the weekend, something I only did for the The Dark Knight. Awesome cinema indeed.
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  1. I went into the movie expecting a lot. I'm a pretty big trekkie. The one problem I always had with the original star trek, was the horrible acting and special effects. I thought the new movie did justice to the storyline of the original series. Obviously the acting and special effects were in another world compared to the original.

    I thought it was a great movie!
  2. I agree I thought the movie was great. I was never a big fan of the original series though.
  3. never been interested in star trek but i found the movie to be nice eye candy
  4. Over the years i have become very fond of Picard as captain and also of the whole officer crew of stng so i must admit i was nostalgic during the movie but no doubt it was still entertaining and high teck and all that.
  5. When they Star Trek movie came out. That was the only time I found out more about Star Trek. Didn't really like it back then in the 90s though.
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