Windows 7 RC Virtual PC Installation Video Tutorial

I have created a guided flash tutorial on how to install Windows 7 in a virtual environment using Windows XP or Vista. You can also download the AVI if you prefer. Also, I've created an accompanying website which helps get you started as well.

It's just a subdomain on my website. It's ad-free, virus-free, etc. All the links are directed to their appropriate company/website. I am not hosting any files other than the videos I created. I put it up because I'm really stoked about Windows 7 and I want people to be able to try it out! :)

To view the tutorial/site:

I'd love to hear feedback too, I want this to be a community effort.
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  1. Great stuff... possibly useful for anyone setting up a dual-boot machine, since you show the whole installation process. Though some here might consider your post blatantly self-promoting...

    Anyways, I suggest:
    -You blur your email in the video - Just to be safe
    -Post the direct link right on the video, not on your site - You're already promoting your site
  2. This is great. I was really confused (new user to installing an RC or OS) and this is very helpful. You went through all the steps (The HD part was extremely helpful).
    Great help, thanks R_manic.

    *lol, I bookmarked you video so when I have time I can install windows 7* :D
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