Who likes Bill Maher

Who likes Bill Maher?
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  1. He used to be funny.
  2. ditto. Now He's greasy.
  3. Religulous was funny as hell but in general he is a condescending ass that I can't stand.
  4. Religulous was funny but if you've been following atheism for a while it just felt like Bill Maher kicking a secular dog while its down. I didn't know if i felt worse for the truckers getting stomped by Bill Maher or for Bill Maher who did look like quite the douche during some parts.

    Side note: anyone see the family guy with him?
  5. ^ Needs t see that episode.

    I don't really agree with him on the case of religion. I am Christian. I just say that you have free will and that is about it. If you want to hear about Christ, or have a question about the Bible, I am all yours. I do not force my faith down peoples throats like he says. Heck, he is agnostic...even though he believes the theory of evolution.
  6. Ok Ok I dont want to start a shzit/fire storm here but.... If god wrote the Bible then why do the Dead Sea Scrolls exist? Or, the council of Niceae, where they picked and chose which verses to put in the bible / which dates are important.

    There is some strong evidence that the universe may not have been created by God, and there are soooo many different theologies why are the big 3 (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) presumed to be the right ones?

    Is it possible that religion is just a vessel to a certain emotion? And it doesn't really matter what you believe as long as you feel awe?

    I strongly recommend you check out some Carl Sagan

    This book was amazing and cosmologists have the craziest creation story by far. I mean Zombie Jesus that's actually 3 different people VS. A very Big Bang that created all matter out of nothing and that matter after condensing and Churning through a few millenia in the center of stars formed us 14 billion years latter. Everything that makes up you me, your computer was at one point in the heart of a star.

    I'm too tired to be on the internet I apologize if that makes no sense and/or is offensive. Need coffee.
  7. There is a level of understanding. Catholic church( at the time )was becoming a powerhouse to the Christan Faith. They felt they could intemperate what was said in the Bible. However, with each verse, every person has a different emotional way of thinking of what it means.

    I am not to familiar with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Possibly some ancient text left behind by other Jews at the time trying to preserve the traditions. I cannot tell you what.

    We, as humans, want to find a reason why we a re here. That is one of the mysteries of life...yet we argue over the fact we have the answer. That is why you get different faiths and Atheism.

    do we really know what happened, no. We o, however have evidence we were generated somehow by some extrapowerful force in the Universe.

    I believe that God created the heavens and the earth. Other believe we came from a a spontaneous explosion of electromagnetic discharge. Does that mean one of us is wrong. No. Reason, we cannot test each theory in completeness. It is all by self knowledge.

    The ignorant one is the one who says he is right but does not have full knowledge. I do not have full knowledge of what has happened. but I do have a misunderstood non-emotion system called Faith. I don't think may Atheists understand it that well.
  8. Well put response I'm glad we can civilly disagree. See that wasn't too hard.
  9. That is the issues is human nature.

    I believe in God, he created me and you.

    Just because you do not think like me, does not mean you are not a brother of mine. The Christian faith is about Love...something others have not figured out yet.

    I love you as a brother. Just as I do to others. And as brothers we are different in spirit and thinking.

    If you do have a question about Christ or the Bible and want a rational answer from me, just ask.

    Anyways, back on topic.

    I like Bill because of his straight forward thinking. Getting the BS out of the way and just wanting to ask question to see what others have to say is great as well. i see myself as a moderate. I want to hear both sides and work with both sides to get a better answer than the ones we have with Dems and Reps. They want a complete control of their ideas....what we call totalitarianism or Dictatorship.

    I want a government that works together and asks the people what they think before they vote on the issue.

    I could not help change it last time, but this time, i wll ask the questions and make the choices for a better America.
  10. Has anyone seen his latest episode. Great showing. Especially on the fact of The new Budget Plan.
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